Q? Can I receive funds back to my sending address?


Yes you can. Your wallet address can be used to receive your funds back.

Q? Can a bitcoin be counterfeited?


A bitcoin cannot be counterfeited. This is because there is a list of every transaction that has taken place and the order in which they took place on the bitcoin network.

Q? How divisible are bitcoins?


One of the great functions of bitcoins is that they are literally able to be divided into one million pieces. Said another way, bitcoins can be divided down to 8 spaces past the decimal point. Therefore, 0.00000001 is the smallest amount that can be handled in a transaction.

Q? How long until every bitcoin is generated?

A: The last block of bitcoin will be generated in the year 2140 and will be block number 6,929,999. After that block is mined, there will be slightly less than 21 million bitcoins in existence, 20,999,999.9769 to be exact

Q? What are bits?


"Bits" are described as a fraction of bitcoin. 1,000,000 bits = 1 bitcoin (which means that 1 bit = 0.000001 BTC). Xapo balances are shown in bits until greater than 0.01 BTC

Q? Can I cancel a bitcoin transaction after it has been processed?

A: Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Once a bitcoin transaction has been broadcasted to the blockchain (no matter if it is still processing or sent), it cannot be cancelled!

Q? Why can't I see my transaction confirmed in the blockchain?


It always takes some time for the network and miner to confirm the transaction. The time may vary depending on the network status but should not take more than 1 hour to be completely confirmed

Q? How much does it cost to send or receive a transaction?

A: All incoming transactions from external bitcoin addresses to Bitcoin Trust, including payouts from faucets, will be charged a network fee if the incoming transaction is too small. In order to send or receive such transactions, this fee is necessary to cover the transaction cost of the bitcoin network.